Interactive Inspirational Novels
Divine Inspiration by Jesus Created and Authored by A. Porter

Welcome to Happily Ever Afters where You make the choices, you follow the consequences, like a free game for readers — Choose your own adventure Christian fiction style.

There are several free ebooks, interactive and inspirational novels. You read then come to a fork in the road, 2 choices per chapter. You choose which way you want the story to go. It's all about choices, your choices. You can read it again and if you make but 1 different decision, it's a different free ebook, create your own novel. Imagine the possibilities! Step into the character's lives and get ready to be inspired.

Happily Ever Afters has interactive inspirational fiction novels as well as Christian e-books instead of interactive choose-your-own adventure style. Other traditional mainstream e-books are available. We also have inspirational stories.

Change of Heart  •  Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon  •  Unhackable Heart  •  Promise Keeper

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Enjoy Happily Ever Afters ebooks, interactive novels, and inspirational stories.