About Happily Ever Afters :

Your source for inspirational interactive novels.

The beauty of being an interactive novel is that the reader can enjoy the story many times over, faced with numerous choices, all interwoven to flow smoothly with the storyline no matter the decision. Even if the reader were to make one different choice, the inspirational story is different.

As the name of my business implies, no matter the choice, the novel will end happily ever after. It will leave the reader with a good "warm fuzzy" feeling.

And why not? Isn't there enough negative news? Why not be uplifted when you reach the end, so you can carry that upbeat feeling and a smile with you for awhile? Why not go back and try a different choice, or a bunch of different choices, and see what would have happen if you had chosen . . . ?

Choose your own adventure!

   Happily Ever Afters is meant to inspire Christian and non-Christians. God has given us free will to choose our path in life, to walk with Him or not. As with life, we each make choices. Those choices have consequences. Even Christians are faced with trials and make hard decisions, not always reacting as Christ would. We are human, imperfect, yet God loves us.

   The reader, Christian or seeker, has the choice of deciding what happens next. As with life, each choice carries consequences. Happily Ever Afters is about choice. Free will to decide. There's the easy way to get to the happily ever after, or there's the hard way. Or, depending what way you want the novel to go, there's a combination of both.

   Happily Ever Afters is currently expanding to include other interactive genres. A wide spectrum of genres, choices, point of view, all to give you a lift, to inspire you to smile and have a great day! May God bless you abundantly.