Miracles Still Happen - check out these true inspirational stories

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If you have a miracle or an inspirational true-life story you would like to share with the cyberworld, please e-mail me. I would like to add many true to life, nonfiction miracles to this site. God is real. Jesus can still heal. Miracles exist everyday. Nothing is impossible with Jesus!

Share your miracle! I worked as a reporter for many years and I will investigate first, ascertain the miracle as fact and not bogus, before it shows up here. If you are hurting on the inside, take heart. These miracles are true. My interactive novels may be fiction, but the inspirational stories you'll find as miracles will be nonfiction, the bona fide truth.

There are so many desperate, hurting, anonymous cyberfolks out there. There is hope, I promise you. You can escape into an interactive novel like a game for readers, with the point of no matter how many poor choices you've made in life . . . there is still hope; you can turn it around with Jesus.

It's more than entertainment though. Your decisions, your choices, do affect the direction your life takes. There are consequences to each choice you make in real life, not just in these interactive novels.

Choose your own path. Choose wisely in life. Choices have consequences.

To share your miracle, or otherwise to contact me, please email me at: